Confidentiality & Discretion

When contacting me, your emails should not contain lewd nor explicit language. Any such emails will not receive a response and you will be placed on my naughty list. In person, you should refrain from verbalizing specified fantasies until we are completely comfortable with each other. This is why longer meetings are preferred. If at any point our discussion becomes uncomfortable I will end our date short and you will not receive a refund. 


Upon meeting, in private my consideration must be prepared before we meet and placed in an unsealed envelope that you will leave in plain view as it will not be discussed or confirmed over the phone or in person. In public, please place consideration in a gift bag or a celebratory card (I love any reason for a celebration) so it looks natural when gifting. Feel free to wish me a happy birthday, congratulations on a job promotion, bon voyage, or any reason you want to celebrate our occasion together.  

Other than my desire for discretion, any mentions or haggling of my time consideration is not business friendly. I am not a clock watcher but if you desire more time than originally scheduled (as long as my schedule permits) please provide additional time requirements in the same discreet method as above.  

I prefer cash payments, however if you prefer to make payments for our date via credit card please let me know prior to the date . I accept the following: CashApp or GiftRocket. Please know there will be a 5% processing fee for credit cards. 



Gifts are lovely, but not required! I would like gift-cards from any of the following places (if you are feeling extra generous): Agent Provocateur, Airbnb, Amazon, American Airlines,  Barnes & Nobles, Belk, Best Buy, Boost Mobile, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dave & Busters, Delta Airlines, Dillards, Dunkin-Donuts, E-bay, Elevate Styles, Etsy, Express, FashionNova,  Forever 21, H & M, It's Fashion, Jimmy Jazz, Krispy Kreme, Nature's Republic, Norwegian Airlines, Outback Steakhouse, Pacsun, Rainbow, Red Lobster, Regal Cinemas, Sephora, Shoppers, Subway, Starbucks, Target, TAP Air Portugal, Total Wine, Trader Joe's, Ulta, Victoria Secret, Whole Foods, The Writers Store, Zumiez.

*I am currently writing a screenplay and having the latest version of Final Draft would be REALLY helpful & necessary for my screenwriting journey. If you would like to help out with that, then that would be amazing❤ !!!!*



It is in your best interest to be freshly showered, well groomed, and have fresh minty breath upon my arrival. If you do not regulary floss, I suggest to floss for a few days leading up to our date. This will guarantee the best time possible for the both of us. 
I do not smoke, nor do drugs of any kind, so please refrain from doing so in my presence. If you must smoke at any point during our date please make sure to wash your hands, brush your teeth, and use mouthwash before continuing our date. Refusing to do so my cause an early termination of our date without a refund.